Volo Bevza

(b. Ukraine) lives and works in Berlin.

2014 – 2019 Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin
2010 – 2015 Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture Kyiv

Netz Werke (2020) – Galerie Crone, Vienna
Zwei Alter: Jung (2019) – Galerie Crone Side, Berlin
* (2019) – Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin

Volo Bevza’s works refer to the omnipresence of the internet as well as the global invasion of what is called “augmented reality” into daily life, natural environments, and into the way we look at paintings. His suggestion is defamiliarization – to render familiar things strangely – to question the illusionistic realm of painting as much as the one of the computer desktop.
(Photo by Victoria Pidust)

Neckar Doll

(b. France) lives and works in Mulhouse.

2015 – 2019 Hautes Écoles des Arts du Rhin Mulhouse

Baitball 1 (I'll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you) (2020) – Palazzo San Giuseppe, Palignano a Mare
Umbrella.Corp (2019) – Makaronka Art Center, Rostov-On-Don
Passants (2019) – Aubes, Mulhouse

Neckar Doll bases his work on a crossover between cultures (pop-culture, sub-culture, science, philosophy...) and imagine the result to be a chaotic painting of the world, expressed by videos, sculptures, installations through appropriation and manufactured objects.

Ina Aloisia Ebenberger

(b. Austria) lives and works in Vienna, Berlin and Carinthia.

since 2017 Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
2015 – 2017 Kunstuniversität Linz

Cerebro con Huevo (2020) – Biquini Wax EPS, Mexico City
dstrctn (2019) – Österreichisches Kulturforum, Tehran
swamp of Lerna (2019) – warehouse9, Copenhagen

Ina Aloisia Ebenberger enjoys to cut hair, spray hairtattoos and play with different materials in a painterly habit. She finds inspiration in mythologie, science fiction, fashion and kitsch.

Judith Gattermayr

(b. Austria) lives and works in Linz.

2012 – 2018 Kunstuniversität Linz
2016 Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki

It ain't such a thrill (2019) – Arbeiterkammer OÖ, Linz
Ausgezeichnet. Klemens Brosch-PreisträgerInnen (2016/17) – Landesgalerie Linz, Linz
Young Painting from Linz (2015) – Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow, Krakow

Judith Gattermayr’s artistic practice is rooted in an interest in ambivalence, the not-quite-known and the undefinable. Her paintings, objects and drawings focus on the human body, on skin, second skins and what lies beneath all these layers.

Lenard Giller

(b. Germany) lives and works in Berlin.

2016 – 2019 Camberwell College of Arts London

In conversation (2019) – 226 Honeymoon, London / Two person show with Kerri Cole
Artist in residency (2018) – Zschokkestrasse 36. Munich
Weltanschauung (2017) – Copland Gallery, London

Rooted in the media of photography and sculpture Lenard Giller’s practice explores the use and production line of images, their circulation and their ongoing process of development. Questioning systems of production, and meaning. The consideration of the presentation is an integral part of the studio process.

Sebastian Lou

(b. Austria) lives and works in Vienna.

since 2019 die Angewandte
2016 – 2019 die Graphische

Wo der Hase läuft (2019) – Albertina, Vienna
Körper Differenz Geschlecht (2019) – MQ Designforum, Vienna
poster jam (2018) – Hot Lagoon, Bucharest

Sebastian Lou likes letters and ducks.

Felix Pöchhacker

(b. Austria) lives and works in Linz.

2012 – 2017 Kunstuniversität Linz
2010 – 2011 Mozarteum Salzburg

Stein shine (2019) – Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz
MIRAGE MIRAGE (2018) – Periscope, Salzburg
Kolchose Laktose Osmose (2016) – Cech Art Space, Minsk

Felix Pöchhacker deals with sculpture. His filigree objects often refere to furniture or interiors. The work functions as a representation of different materials. Rooms are arranged and furnished and thus open a platform for cultural and economic questions.

Mimi Neitsch

(b. Austria) lives and works in Linz and Vienna.

since 2014 Kunstuniversität Linz

Cannot make out your Flags, come nearer (2019) – Festival der Regionen, Perg-Strudengau
Ich kann nicht mehr (2019) – Fluc, Vienna
Eh Wurscht (2018) – Raumschiff, Linz

Mimi Neitsch is a performance artist, musician and comic drawer.

Aiko Shimotsuma

(b. Japan) lives and works in Berlin.

since 2014 Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Art Zagreb (2019) – Technical Museum Nikola Tesla, Zagreb
Perfekte Zustände (2019) – Xlane, Berlin
Hinterm Wald – Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße, Berlin / Annual exhibition organized and curated by the artist

Aiko Shimotsuma’s practice consists of working on site-specific installation with materials of following qualities: opposing elements such as liquid and solid, light and shadow, inside and outside, transparent and opaque, material and immaterial.
(Photo by Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic)

Kiky Thomanek

(b. Austria) lives and works in Linz.

since 2014 Kunstuniversität Linz
2005 – 2011 School of Visual Arts NYC

SWAY (2019) – Hallo:Festspiele Hamburg, Hamburg
Operate (2019) – Österreichisches Filmmuseum Wien, Vienna
Edition: – Linz / Art space where the artist curates fine art shows and events

“Distilling portraits of all kinds. Let us bathe at the bottom of our souls, with lip stick, in soothing light.”